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Welcome to GOKPLAST ENT.- Ghana. We are a Manufacturer of all kinds of plastic bags with a tremendously wide package of plastic sachets products with its focal point on the production of plastic Rolls, Take away bags, Pure water sachets and many more. From our head quarters in the Netherlands and our head office in Doabi - Accra, we have a national network of Service and suppliers all over the country Ghana. The people we serve include Pure water industries, Bread bakkers,take away sachets for restuarants Drug stores and many more. Our wide comprehensive basic range 

consists of around 2,000 items of different sizes, of which about 800 are always in stock in our central manufacturing and warehousing point at SCC- Gicel in Accra. 

The Gokplast range of plastic products has been carefully selected to help achieve maximum quality sachets life. For more than 8 years, our main priority has been to provide our customers with solutions to achieve maximum quality bags and consequently optimized the production of Pure water sachets. Of course, quality products is of paramount importance and all our products help contribute to this goal.


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